Alan and Roas After with Daughter BridgetChris convinced me that I should be a participant of the Spring Meltdown at Richards Fitness in Dahlonega in January 2013. I have attempted to lose weight all of my life without success. My entire family has always been obese so I thought that was just the way we were to be. Up front, Chris taught me this is a lifestyle change, not a diet. When I agreed to do this, I told my family while I am doing this challenge the only foods that I will be buying & fixing are the ones on the menus; they could eat what they want but if it is not on the menu they were responsible to buy, fix and clean up their own mess. They agreed to do the menus with me. With lots of weekly encouragement from Chris, following the menus, and beginning an exercise routine, the weight began to come off. I feel so much better now than when I was heavier. Maintaining the weight loss has been a challenge, however now I have the knowledge of what it takes to lose the weight.


AshlieBeforeWhen I began working with Chris at Live Oak Fitness, I was three months from turning thirty and was terribly unhappy with the way I looked and felt. Being a former college athlete, I tried to maintain my physical health but after two children, it became increasingly difficult to make appropriate food choices and to make time in an already busy schedule for physical fitness.

Working with Chris has taught me how to get the most “bang for my buck” nutritionally at all three meals and snacks throughout the day. He uses easily replicated meal plans and no two workouts are the same. AshliAfter01He quickly assesses clients strengths and weaknesses and develops workouts that are both client driven and safety focused. I am seven weeks into the summer and my work with Live Oak Fitness. 14.5 pounds and 3 inches off my waist are great motivation to keep pressing on towards the goal I’ve set for myself. Thanks to Live Oak and Chris, I’m feeling more like myself and seeing results that I know can last a lifetime.



I had just retired, was at my most extreme weight, and had back pain daily from a car wreck I had in my mid-twenties. Chris designed a program that over time strengthened the areas around my back injury and motivated me to not only loose the extra pounds but get back to my college weight.
I lost over 30 pounds in the process which lessened the stress on my lower back injury thus eliminating the pain. In June, I was in a 14 mile bike ride that took me over the Golden Gate Bridge: something I thought I would NEVER do… much less on a bike.
I owe it all to the expertise, inspiration, and mental stimulation that Chris provides in his workouts that made my journey to fitness an all encompassing experience… Chris not only gets you there; he brings out the best in you both physically and mentally… a rare feat.
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