2016 Spring Meltdown Wrap

SpringMeltdownOur 2016 Spring Meltdown wrapped up on Friday, April 22 with a wonderful party and our Top-3 contestants taking home a combined $525! Most importantly though, we lost a total of 441.2 pounds in the 13 week contest!

The Spring Meltdown is a 13-week program that provides contestants the opportunity to lose weight and learn how to keep it off. Participants are given complete eating plans for each week to follow that include a full grocery list. Plans also included dining out meals so our group was never without options, even when traveling. Contestants jumped up on the scale the beginning of each week and their weight was used to calculate their total percentage of weight lost.

A quick example:

A 200 pound person loses 2 pounds in week 1, they are down 1.0% for that week. If that same 200 pound person loses 30 pounds in the contest, they have lost a total of 15.0% for the contest.

SMDChartFinal16This year our Top-3 contestants were Joe, Sandy, and Jane who together lost a total of 110 pounds! Jane finished in 3rd place with a total loss of 13.48% and took home $100. At Week 3, she was in 18th place but he continued work and tenacity took her to the top of the Chart!

Sandy moved her way up the Chart from 11th place in Week 2 to 2nd overall! She worked all contest long and finished with an impressive 14.01% of total weight lost. For her effort, Sandy took home $150!

Joe began the contest with a goal of losing 30 pounds. He added 3 more to that total to lose 17.16% total and win our 2016 Contest! Joe took the lead in Week 3 and never relinquished it. He only took our Top-Drop award for the highest weekly weight lost once, but he was the only Contestant to lose weight each of the 13 weigh ins! Joe wins our top prize, $275, and is looking forward to investing that money into a new wardrobe!

In addition to the performance of our Top-3, 7 contestants lost 10% or more of their body weight during the contest. On average, each contestant lost 15 pounds and the top performers averaged 17 pounds lost per person.

FrenzyFacebook2015Live Oak Fitness is excited to offer the weight loss and fitness contests twice a year. Our next contest, the Fall Fitness Frenzy, will begin on Monday, August 15. Keep an eye out for more details on the Frenzy this summer!

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Pour Into Yourself

An empty pitcher can’t serve anyone. It’s only when you fill the pitcher up that it can do its job.

IMG_0751As I sat in the hospital room for the 5th straight day with Cassie and Chase, I could feel the miasma of lethargy slowly creeping over us. Our Little Man was very sick and it was difficult for him to even get to the bathroom. Our diet had consisted of pizza, hamburgers, and chicken fingers from the Baptist Health Café. We sat, and waited, and waited as the doctors tried to diagnosis what was killing our son. I could feel my energy being sapped, not only from the challenges of hospital life but also from the lack of movement.

No one would have criticized me for feeling this way, but this feeling of lethargy was alien to our family and I could feel it piling on emotionally to our situation. It was that day that I found out there was a fitness center at the hospital and I decided that I had to get a workout in.

11873470_10104754760653380_1357142864249026555_nIn 30 minutes I instantly felt energized and invigorated again! I had always preached the idea of exercise as the perfect remedy for both our physical and mental ailments, but I was truly amazed at how good I felt after my workout. While my workout did nothing to improve Chase’s current situation, the energy and joy poured in helped me improve my attitude and we began to get out of the room more and more that weekend.

As we moved more, his strength continued to improve and our attitudes and emotional state improved. We knew we had a long road of treatment ahead of us, but we knew that we could get through it with our emotional and physical strength.

You must pour into yourself. And it can’t be unhealthy food and reality TV, unless that’s what you want to pour on other people. You have to be selective, intentional, and consistent on what you pour into you. This can be exercise, books, friends, family, hobbies, or anything else that fills you up.

It’s even more vital to do these things in times of stress and challenges. My workout in the Baptist Health Fitness Center was not to get bigger muscles, or because I had missed a workout. It was so I could get my stress out and be a better father and husband for my family. I know that if I pour in health and wellness, that is what will pour out of me.

I want you this week to focus on what fills you up and makes you the best you. What gets you motivated to be the best, and are you consistently doing these things weekly? If you’ve fallen off the plan or have hit a roadblock, go back to those things that helped you find success in the past.

Fill your pitcher up with greatness, and pour it out on those around you!

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2015 Fall Fitness Frenzy Wrap

It was an amazing finish for our 2015 Fall Fitness Frenzy at Live Oak Fitness! Our team of 28 strong lost a total of 248.6 pounds!

FrenzyTeam15cropWe created a whole new program this fall for this year’s contest that gave equal emphasis to weight loss and exercise. In the first run of the new program, Miranda beat out two-time winner Merry for the top prize! Miranda collected a total of 321.32 points and lost over 25 pounds in 12 weeks! Merry kept Miranda working throughout the contest as she looked to make three straight Contest wins. While Merry ultimately finished 2nd overall, she collected 290.91 points and lost over 33 pounds! Sally rounded out our Top-3 with 189.88 points and lost an impressive 13 pounds in her 12-week journey.


Overall, our team lost an average of 8.9 pounds per person and our contestants who followed the program for 9 weeks or more lost an average of 16.9 pounds per person! In addition to the life changing results from the contest, many participants have continued their exercise programs and have lost even more weight since the finish of the contest!

Clients also competed for great gift packages from some amazing St. Simons Island restaurants. Crabdaddy’s, Boulevard Café, Chick-Fil-A, and Sandy Bottom Bagels all offered some great food and gave contestants some healthy and great tasting menu options!

Our next contest, the Spring Meltdown, will begin on Monday, January 25. You can register today online, at Live Oak Fitness by calling 912.602.5732, or contact our Performance Coaches at liveoakfitness@gmail.com.

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Registration Open for the 2015 Fall Fitness Frenzy

Sign Up Today for the 2015 Fall Fitness Frenzy

At Live Oak Fitness, our goal is to help you live your best life! Our 2015 Fall Fitness Frenzy is designed to help give you direction, encouragement, and accountability so we can reach your fitness goals.

2014 Fall Fitness Frenzy Champions
2014 Fall Fitness Frenzy Champions

We have created a new and exciting Fall Fitness Frenzy! In addition to our traditional weight loss contest and eating plans, we have added a points system to keep you motivated and accountable. We have also created two registration options to work with your schedule and your needs.

All of these new additions are to help keep you motivated and on track while giving you the tools to create a lifetime of healthy habits beyond the next 12 weeks!

The Fall Fitness Frenzy will be a 12 week contest beginning on Monday, August 17 and concluding on Monday, November 9. Contestants have the opportunity to compete for the entire 12 week duration as well as quarterly for great prizes.

Quarter 1: August 17 – September 7 Quarter 2: September 7 – September 28

Quarter 3: September 28 – October 19 Quarter 4: October 19 – November 9

Full Contest Duration: August 17 – November 9

Cost: $225 for 12 Weeks  |  $65 per quarter

Entry includes: Weekly Eating Plans  |  Contestant Shirt  |  Water Bottle  |  Celebration Dinner
Fitness Evaluation  |  Personal Performance Coach


Our Grand Prizes will be given to the Top-3 Contestants who score the most points in the 12 week contest. The cash prizes will be:

1st Place – $275  |  2nd Place – $150  |  3rd Place – $100

Quarterly Prize Pack of gift cards to the contestant who has the most points for each quarter.

Points System

The overall and quarterly winners of the Fall Fitness Frenzy will be determined by who scores the most points over the duration of the four quarters and the competition. Points will be totaled quarterly (every 3 weeks) to determine who the quarterly winner is. Only one quarterly winner will be named each quarter with a prize pack of gift cards from our sponsors.

There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place cash prizes for our top 3 competitors for the overall Fall Fitness Frenzy. Competitors will be ranked on the total number of points earned throughout the contest. You do not have to win a quarter or participate for the entire duration of the contest to be eligible to win the top prizes.

FrenzyTestYou can earn points for the Fall Fitness Frenzy in five different categories: Weight Points, Weigh In Day Points, Live Oak Fitness Workout Points, Online Workout Points, Workout Points, and Diary Points.

Weight Points

shutterstock_92589964One of the main reasons we exercise, if not THE REASON, is to maintain a healthy weight! A cornerstone of our contest are the Eating Plans. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are all thought out and prepared for you as well as a full grocery list each week! All you have to do is follow the plan and lose the weight.

Weight Points are earned from your weekly percentage of weight lost. If you weigh 200 pounds to begin the competition and lose 3 pounds in a week, or 1.5% of your body weight, you will earn 1.5 points.

If you are up in weight a week, this will negatively affect your point total. If you weigh 197 the previous week, but weigh in at 200 pounds you will lose 1.52 points that week. Your weight points are the only points that can be negative in the competition.

Points will be totaled from your week to week weight loss and not from your overall body weight lost.

Weigh in Day Points

Accountability is important, so important that you get a point for the day you come in and weigh!

You can weigh in any day during the week, but you will receive 1 point for weighing in on Monday and 0.5 points for weighing in on Tuesday.

LegsRunningLive Oak Fitness Workout Points

Time spent with the Live Oak Fitness team is an investment in your life, and each time you train at Live Oak Fitness you earn 1.25 points for every training session. These can be 60-Minute Private Sessions, 30-Minute Private Sessions, or Group Classes.

Challenge Points

Each week of the contest, participants will be given challenges to complete for extra points. 1.15 points can be earned for completing a Live Oak Fitness Challenge Workout. 3 workouts and exercise challenges will be issued throughout the contest each week via email, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Every quarter, you will also have the opportunity to do a fitness test to see your progress! For each fitness test, contestants will perform a pushup, sit-up, 12-minute run, and flexibility test.

Workout Points

Earn 1 point for every 30 minutes of exercise you do each week. Log in exercise minutes through the Exercise Diary in your MyFitnessPal account and score points when we review your exercise log each week. Total points will be calculated for your total minutes logged each week.

Workout points can be earned by running, walking, paddle boarding, tennis, golf*, basketball, or other fitness classes you participate in.

*For a full round of golf (18 holes) in a cart, you will receive 4 Workout Points. If you walk a full round, you will receive a full allotment of points. Taking the cart nets around 1000 calories per round, in comparison a marathon runner who will burn an average of 2600 calories in four hours of running. You can potentially burn 2000 calories walking 18 holes!

Workout Points cannot be combined with points achieved through Live Oak Fitness Workouts or Online Workouts.

Food and Exercise Diary Points

MyFitnessPal-ReviewEarn 1 point each week for submitting your food diary and an additional 1 point for submitting your exercise diary. For the Fall Fitness Frenzy, we will use the My Fitness Pal app as our online food and exercise diary. If you’re not tech savvy, or just dislike typing, you may use pen and paper.

Ready to get started! Register online today!

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