Pour Into Yourself

An empty pitcher can’t serve anyone. It’s only when you fill the pitcher up that it can do its job.

IMG_0751As I sat in the hospital room for the 5th straight day with Cassie and Chase, I could feel the miasma of lethargy slowly creeping over us. Our Little Man was very sick and it was difficult for him to even get to the bathroom. Our diet had consisted of pizza, hamburgers, and chicken fingers from the Baptist Health Café. We sat, and waited, and waited as the doctors tried to diagnosis what was killing our son. I could feel my energy being sapped, not only from the challenges of hospital life but also from the lack of movement.

No one would have criticized me for feeling this way, but this feeling of lethargy was alien to our family and I could feel it piling on emotionally to our situation. It was that day that I found out there was a fitness center at the hospital and I decided that I had to get a workout in.

11873470_10104754760653380_1357142864249026555_nIn 30 minutes I instantly felt energized and invigorated again! I had always preached the idea of exercise as the perfect remedy for both our physical and mental ailments, but I was truly amazed at how good I felt after my workout. While my workout did nothing to improve Chase’s current situation, the energy and joy poured in helped me improve my attitude and we began to get out of the room more and more that weekend.

As we moved more, his strength continued to improve and our attitudes and emotional state improved. We knew we had a long road of treatment ahead of us, but we knew that we could get through it with our emotional and physical strength.

You must pour into yourself. And it can’t be unhealthy food and reality TV, unless that’s what you want to pour on other people. You have to be selective, intentional, and consistent on what you pour into you. This can be exercise, books, friends, family, hobbies, or anything else that fills you up.

It’s even more vital to do these things in times of stress and challenges. My workout in the Baptist Health Fitness Center was not to get bigger muscles, or because I had missed a workout. It was so I could get my stress out and be a better father and husband for my family. I know that if I pour in health and wellness, that is what will pour out of me.

I want you this week to focus on what fills you up and makes you the best you. What gets you motivated to be the best, and are you consistently doing these things weekly? If you’ve fallen off the plan or have hit a roadblock, go back to those things that helped you find success in the past.

Fill your pitcher up with greatness, and pour it out on those around you!

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Contest FAQ

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions for our contest:

Does the contest entry include training sessions in the studio?

No, the contest entry does not include private training session or group classes with Live Oak Fitness. We do encourage contestants to participate in our private training sessions and group classes, but it is not a requirement of the program.

I do not like (insert food you hate).

We all have foods we dislike, or just plain hate. Be it the taste or texture, there are somethings you simply can’t stomach. We encourage our contestants to try everything on our menus; you can talk with your Performance Coach to help create an alternative to any food you abhor.

Personally, don’t ask me to eat squash. Traumatic childhood memory…

I’m (vegetarian, and gluten free, and paleo, and diabetic, and allergic to peanuts). Can I still do the program?

We have worked with many contestants who come with different dietary challenges. Let your Performance Coach know your dietary needs and we can help you adapt the plans to your needs.

Do I have to give up my wine?

Would you prefer wine, or a better waistline? If it depends on the day, speak with your Performance Coach. We want to create Eating Plans that you can carry over and have success with past the 12-week contest.

I will be traveling or out of town during a portion of the contest.

We have worked with contestants remotely in six different states and had great results! Via phone, email, and text message, we have helped contestants stay accountable and reach their goals. We want to create a lifestyle that is sustainable wherever we live and travel!

Will you post my weight?

No, Live Oak Fitness will never post your individual weight.

Do I have to be a member of Live Oak Fitness to participate?

No, there is no membership fee at Live Oak Fitness. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of service and rely on a quality product, not a contract or package.


Ready to lose some weight and change you life! You can register for our contest online or schedule your complimentary consultation with Live Oak Fitness by calling 912-268-2594.

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Easy for You

A good beginning makes a good ending. If accompanied by a very good middle. -Bobby Knight

We are four weeks into our 2015 Spring Meltdown and have had some wonderful results so far! Currently we have dropped 135.4 pounds in the contest and we are closing in on the 151 pounds our team lost in the 2014 Fall Fitness Frenzy.

Now we move into the most challenging part of the entire process: the middle. The starting gun has sounded, the first few meters of the race has started, and everyone is settling into their pace. The middle is where we are all truly tested. This holds true in any part of our lives whether it is a weight loss contest, a renovation project, a book, or a marriage.

From the outside perspective, it’s always easier for someone else to get through the middle and have success. When we view other people’s success we too often tell ourselves:

“Everyone has it easier than I do. There is no way we could ever accomplish anything like that.”

Here is a quick list of the reasons everyone else has it easy:

-They’re younger -They don’t have kids -I stay at home, they work
-They’re retired -Their kids encourage them -I work, they don’t
-They have more time -Their spouse is on board -They live closer
-It comes naturally to them -They’re not married -They make a trip out of it

I’m sure we could add some additional lines, but I’m also sure that you (like me) have used a few of these before.

But here’s the thing.  We all have a reason not to be successful from challenges we face each and everyday. Those who are successful did not have it any easier than you or I, and they certainly faced their share of challenges and bumps along the way. What made them successful was how they handled those challenges and bumps during the middle of the process.

As stated, the starting gun is always exciting and gives us a huge rush of adrenaline and encouragement. We have decided to start a journey, one which has the promise to change our lives and improve ourselves. We find time to do the little things that give us the most success as well as a little extra here and there because we are so excited!

Then one of those reasons above comes calling. Our job demands more of us. A change happens in our daily routine. We find it’s really hard to create a new habit and remove the old one. That reason becomes an excuse.

That is what the middle really gives us. An excuse. And your excuse is probably a very valid one, and one that potentially creates a huge upheaval in your life. But let’s fight the excuse. Let’s begin to differentiate an excuse from a reason.

2015-02-19 08.28.31Google defines a reason as “a statement presented in justification or explanation of a belief or action.”

Whereas an excuse is defined as “an attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify.”

Simply put, an excuse is something you have when you are unable to justify your reason.

By shifting our vocabulary and our mindset, we can turn an excuse into a reason.

Excuse: I’m up in weight because I didn’t have time to drink my water this weekend. We were out with friends on the boat and they hate water! So all I had to drink was beer…

Reason: I didn’t prepare bottled water ahead of time when we went out on the boat and our friends didn’t pack any. I’ll know next time to always pack water with me.

Excuse: We were asked out to dinner by some clients and couldn’t say no. They had to try Barbara Jean’s and they only eat fried food and they bought us drinks…

Reason: We entertained some clients and they decided on Barbara Jean’s. I ordered a salad and grilled salmon with water.

Excuse: We had a girls trip and there was no way I could say no. I didn’t want to be a drag the whole trip…

Reason: We had a great girls trip this weekend! I did enjoy one drink a night with them, but I drank my water all weekend, and got them really excited about my lifestyle change too! They said I look great!

Excuse: I didn’t want to come in and weigh because I know I’m up…

Reason: I need the accountability, even though it was a challenging week.

During the next few week, I want you to find a reason for success! No excuses! Excuses only create blame and shame. With a reason for a difficult week we can empathize and help refocus.

I want you to be the person everyone else talks about having it so easy. We know it’s not easy and we can begin to help others work through their challenges with our success.

Why is it easy for you? Because you have a reason!


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Creating a Postive Routine

I hope you are having a great week. School is back in full swing today for everybody and many families are getting back into their scholastic routine. For the Busby household, our routine is the same every day of the week for school:

1-Alarm goes off at 5:30, Mom heads to the shower and Dad heads to the kitchen to begin breakfast.

2-Gracie Jane dances into the kitchen followed slowly by Lily… Little barks soon after signify Chase and his stuffed puppies are awake too!

3-Breakfast of Daddy’s Life Cereal for the kids, 2 cups of coffee and PBJ for Daddy, Coffee Protein Shake for Mommy.

4-Mommy’s out the door at 7:00 followed by Daddy and the kids at 7:20!

A good routine helps us align our compass for the day so we can navigate the inevitable challenges that each day presents. As we get closer to the beginning of the Fall Fitness Frenzy, I want to ask you what your daily routine is and most importantly, is it beneficial to your overall health.

Our daily meal routine is vital to our overall health, but it is often something that is unplanned. We skip meals, grab what ever is convenient, drink calories in the form of soda, forget to drink water, and typically give little thought to what we put in our body’s for fuel. We eat to lose weight. If wep92 neglect to create a sustainable plan, then we will never see continued success.

If you need to realign your meal compass and create a meal plan that works, the Fall Fitness Frenzy is your opportunity to do that! Our contest starts this Monday, August 18 with our first weigh in. Your first of 12 meal plans will go out this Friday so we can hit the ground running! We have some great contestants already signed up who are ready to lose weight, and maybe even win some cash in 12 weeks. Will you be atop our board, win $250, and be 30 to 50 pounds lighter?

Have a great and healthy day!

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