Pilates is an exercise program and philosophy created by Joseph Pilates during the early 1900’s. The Pilates philosophy helps to create an awareness of the breath and body to help improve muscle imbalances and weaknesses, full- body alignment, posture and balance.  Movements are slow and controlled, working small intrinsic muscles that are often overtaken by the larger muscles of the body.  When these small muscles are lengthened and strengthened, movement, flexibility and balance are all improved.  Pilates also encourages proper breathing, which can help with circulation, brain function and a feeling of well-being. Pilates can be challenging, fun, relaxing, and can benefit anyone’s quality of life.

60-Minute Private Pilates Session – $75

60-Private Pilates Sessions are great for honing in on specific areas to work on or improve in the areas of alignment, muscle imbalance, posture as well as improving flexibility and balance.  This can still be a wonderful full body workout too.  These sessions are the choice of the client: 30 minutes on Pilates equipment and 30 minutes stretching or resistance training, or the full hour can be on Pilates equipment. Beginner to Advanced welcome.

30-Minute Private Pilates Session – $50

30-Minute Pilates Sessions are excellent for a quick loosening of muscles as well as work on overall balance, posture and alignment.  30-Minute Sessions are entirely on Pilates Equipment. Beginner to Advanced welcome.

Duet & Group Pilates Sessions

Duet Sessions are fun because you have a partner to work along with.  These sessions can be the choice of the clients: a circuit between Pilates equipment and resistance training equipment, or a full mat session. Beginner to Advanced welcome.

60 minute double – $110 per session
30 minute double – $80 per session

50-Minute Mat Classes

In mat sessions, we are using props and your own body weight to perform Pilates Mat Exercises.  This is a full body workout to improve more body awareness, posture, balance, and strength. Beginner to Advanced welcome.

Single Class – $25
Can also be included as part of a 2 or 3 a week class pass.

We offer 2 shower facilities with towels and amenities for our clients who need to freshen up after a training session or before a massage.

To schedule a training session, you can contact our staff at 912.268.2594 or email liveoakfitness@gmail.com.

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