Group Classes

Live Oak Fitness is ready to give you and your team a great challenge! Our Group Classes are designed for four to six individuals training in our exclusively private personal training studio.

All classes are 30 or 60 minutes in length and are by appointment only. Group Classes must have a minimum four individuals per class to be scheduled. Class size is no more than six. Our Group Classes have 3 levels of intensity:

Level 1 – Low intensity class designed for older adults who need to build balance and strength.

Level 2 – Moderate intensity class designed for all ages who are new or returning to exercise.

Level 3 – High intensity class designed for clients who like a high level of challenge for each training session.

2 classes per week for one month – $140
3 classes per week for one month – $200

30 Minute Class – $20 per person, per session

For more information on our Group Sessions or to schedule a session, you can contact us at 912.268.2594 or email

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