2016 Fall Fitness Frenzy Wrap

It was an amazing finish for our 2016 Fall Fitness Frenzy at Live Oak Fitness! Our team of 41 strong lost a total of 347.7 pounds, almost 100 pounds more than last year’s top finish!

This fall’s program continued to give equal emphasis to weight loss and exercise and saw another great battle to the end. Betsy K. beat out two-time winner Merry for the top prize! Betsy collected a total of 183.10 points and just edged out Merry who accumulated 182.19 points. Both of our top competitors lost over 37 pounds, with Merry taking the slight edge with 37.4 pounds lost total! Elizabeth P. rounded out our Top-3 with 150.53 points and lost an impressive 9.2 pounds in her 12-week journey.

Overall, our team lost an average of 8.5 pounds per person and our contestants who followed the program for 9 weeks or more lost an average of 17 pounds per person! In addition to the life changing results from the contest, many participants have continued their exercise programs and have lost even more weight since the finish of the contest!

Our next contest, the Spring Meltdown, will begin on Monday, January 23. You can register at Live Oak Fitness by calling 912.602.5732, or contact our Performance Coaches at liveoakfitness@gmail.com.

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