2016 Spring Meltdown Wrap

SpringMeltdownOur 2016 Spring Meltdown wrapped up on Friday, April 22 with a wonderful party and our Top-3 contestants taking home a combined $525! Most importantly though, we lost a total of 441.2 pounds in the 13 week contest!

The Spring Meltdown is a 13-week program that provides contestants the opportunity to lose weight and learn how to keep it off. Participants are given complete eating plans for each week to follow that include a full grocery list. Plans also included dining out meals so our group was never without options, even when traveling. Contestants jumped up on the scale the beginning of each week and their weight was used to calculate their total percentage of weight lost.

A quick example:

A 200 pound person loses 2 pounds in week 1, they are down 1.0% for that week. If that same 200 pound person loses 30 pounds in the contest, they have lost a total of 15.0% for the contest.

SMDChartFinal16This year our Top-3 contestants were Joe, Sandy, and Jane who together lost a total of 110 pounds! Jane finished in 3rd place with a total loss of 13.48% and took home $100. At Week 3, she was in 18th place but he continued work and tenacity took her to the top of the Chart!

Sandy moved her way up the Chart from 11th place in Week 2 to 2nd overall! She worked all contest long and finished with an impressive 14.01% of total weight lost. For her effort, Sandy took home $150!

Joe began the contest with a goal of losing 30 pounds. He added 3 more to that total to lose 17.16% total and win our 2016 Contest! Joe took the lead in Week 3 and never relinquished it. He only took our Top-Drop award for the highest weekly weight lost once, but he was the only Contestant to lose weight each of the 13 weigh ins! Joe wins our top prize, $275, and is looking forward to investing that money into a new wardrobe!

In addition to the performance of our Top-3, 7 contestants lost 10% or more of their body weight during the contest. On average, each contestant lost 15 pounds and the top performers averaged 17 pounds lost per person.

FrenzyFacebook2015Live Oak Fitness is excited to offer the weight loss and fitness contests twice a year. Our next contest, the Fall Fitness Frenzy, will begin on Monday, August 15. Keep an eye out for more details on the Frenzy this summer!

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