Pour Into Yourself

An empty pitcher can’t serve anyone. It’s only when you fill the pitcher up that it can do its job.

IMG_0751As I sat in the hospital room for the 5th straight day with Cassie and Chase, I could feel the miasma of lethargy slowly creeping over us. Our Little Man was very sick and it was difficult for him to even get to the bathroom. Our diet had consisted of pizza, hamburgers, and chicken fingers from the Baptist Health Café. We sat, and waited, and waited as the doctors tried to diagnosis what was killing our son. I could feel my energy being sapped, not only from the challenges of hospital life but also from the lack of movement.

No one would have criticized me for feeling this way, but this feeling of lethargy was alien to our family and I could feel it piling on emotionally to our situation. It was that day that I found out there was a fitness center at the hospital and I decided that I had to get a workout in.

11873470_10104754760653380_1357142864249026555_nIn 30 minutes I instantly felt energized and invigorated again! I had always preached the idea of exercise as the perfect remedy for both our physical and mental ailments, but I was truly amazed at how good I felt after my workout. While my workout did nothing to improve Chase’s current situation, the energy and joy poured in helped me improve my attitude and we began to get out of the room more and more that weekend.

As we moved more, his strength continued to improve and our attitudes and emotional state improved. We knew we had a long road of treatment ahead of us, but we knew that we could get through it with our emotional and physical strength.

You must pour into yourself. And it can’t be unhealthy food and reality TV, unless that’s what you want to pour on other people. You have to be selective, intentional, and consistent on what you pour into you. This can be exercise, books, friends, family, hobbies, or anything else that fills you up.

It’s even more vital to do these things in times of stress and challenges. My workout in the Baptist Health Fitness Center was not to get bigger muscles, or because I had missed a workout. It was so I could get my stress out and be a better father and husband for my family. I know that if I pour in health and wellness, that is what will pour out of me.

I want you this week to focus on what fills you up and makes you the best you. What gets you motivated to be the best, and are you consistently doing these things weekly? If you’ve fallen off the plan or have hit a roadblock, go back to those things that helped you find success in the past.

Fill your pitcher up with greatness, and pour it out on those around you!

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