Live Oak Fitness Goes Gold

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and our Live Oak Fitness family is now all too familiar with this disease.

IMG_0755Chase, Chris and Cassie’s 3-year-old son, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on August 25. Chase has a 3 1/2 year road to recovery, but luckily he’s just as resilient as he is adorable! The Busbys want to thank everyone for their thoughts, gifts, and prayers these last few weeks. We also want to thank our clients for their patience and understanding as we adjust to this new diagnosis.

There is a great event coming up as we raise money and awareness of childhood cancer here in the Golden Isles. On Friday, September 25 Gnat’s Goes Gold! Breanna Young has put together this event to raise money for our Team ChaseManTeam Alexa-Fighting Back, and Miraculous Marjorie! We’ll have a special Fall Fitness Frenzy menu item put together for the event too!

In our Fall Fitness Frenzy, our team of 13 participants have lost a total of 84 pounds in 2 weeks! Our 1st quarter ends on September 7. Who will lead the chart and take home $50 from Crabdaddy’s, a free lunch from Boulevard Cafe, and a free meal from Chick-Fil-A?

Are you ready to sign up for the 2nd quarter? You can register online or schedule a consultation at the studio.

Finally, Chris and Cassie would like to thank you for your support of Chase, Live Oak Fitness, and our family.

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