6 Months!

Thank you!

As I left the studio on Wednesday after another great day I realized that it was September 17, six months to the day that I launched Live Oak Fitness!PicsHeader

I’m looking forward to another amazing six months as we celebrate our one year anniversary on March 17, 2015. The mission of Live Oak Fitness is to help people live better lives, and my goal is that through stronger bodies and better health we can continue to make this possible.

IMG_53502 years ago, Cassie and I were sitting on the beach in the Bahamas. We were enjoying the first day of our vacation and were looking forward to a wonderful week. Our family had grown to three beautiful children, Cassie had a wonderful job at Lumpkin Elementary School, and I loved every day I got to go to work and change peoples lives. As we talked with the ocean in the background, she asked me what would I do if she just so happened to get a job in Glynn County. I thought about different ideas and careers, but I continued coming back to opening a private training studio on St. Simons Island.

This is one place where Live Oak Fitness started. It is amazing how moments in your life, sometimes small, make such an impact down the road.

Thank you for being a part of the Live Oak Fitness story. Each day I wake up excited to see who is scheduled for a session and who I get to pour into that day. I’m excited to see our amazing growth and the success we have enjoyed with our first Fall Fitness Frenzy. I have many more plans for Live Oak Fitness as we grow, and I’m most excited that you get to be part of this story!

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