8 Minutes Ago

8 Minutes Ago

Radiolab had a great program a year ago talking about how much control we have over our lives today and how it is a thin line between what we think we control and what is actually already decided for us today.


It takes 8 minutes for the Suns rays to hit our planet. All of the light and heat we are feeling from the Sun is 8 minutes old and if the our closest star and best buddy decide not to shine all of a sudden we wouldn’t know until 8 minutes later when everything went black and frozen. Nothing we could do, no way to prepare, no way to stop it. BAM! It’s cold and dark and…. we’re done!

Listening to this broadcast, I realized something:

Nothing you do today will have any impact on this day.

Every choice, decision, good day or bad day has already been made for you day’s, week’s, month’s, or year’s ago by you and everyone you encounter today. If I look at today’s schedule there’s little to nothing I can do to really increase my productivity. My clients who I train today made their booking either last week or earlier this week. Also, these clients made a decision week’s ago to begin a workout program. That decision could have been spurred on by a walk by the mirror, a difficult day that sapped every ounce of energy, an infomercial that was seen at midnight because they couldn’t sleep, a suggestion from a friend to find us. Regardless of how they got here today, they are here because of choices they made before today.

So what the heck am I doing today if there’s nothing I can really do about this day? You’re building tomorrow. In health and fitness this is one of the most important lessons to learn, everything we do in a workout is part of a cumulative effort. Your ability today is dictated by how much effort you put in the last day you trained and all of the previous days before that session. When a client jumps on the scale, they know what the number will say even before they see it. If you have been drinking your water, eating your snacks, and maintain habitual discipline between now and the last weigh in you will see a good number. By cheating today and neglecting today we are assuring failure for tomorrow.

This also pours over into other aspects of our life. If our marriage is a success or failure it is because of what we have poured into that relationship. Nobody wakes up in a happy marriage and one day says, “Mom was right, I made a mistake! Honey, this isn’t working. I’m going to Vegas.” On the flip side, one romantic evening will not change a life of discord.

If a child is well behaved in the store and not screaming when told no, you can be assured that the child has heard a “no” before and knows the consequences from previous battles that it does not end well for any member of the family. If you see exasperated parents pleading with a child to calm down and casting any and all forms of bribery toward them, I can assure you the same story will be played out until a new pattern is set.

Our jobs, our house, our yard, our government, our addictions and numerous other relationships could be discussed on how and why we are where we are. Both for better or for worse. I encourage you not to focus on the negative, this only breeds more negative. Instead, look for ways today you can create building blocks for new success and fulfilling habits.

While we can not change today, we can work today to create a better tomorrow.

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